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Bruce Nemec

C2r product development




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For more than 14 years I have worked as a volunteer board member for the Badgerland Users Group with the goal being to constantly improve the group and maximize knowledge and involvement from our members. I have filled various roles during this time frame but the majority of the years have been in the President/Treasurer positions which allow me to provide my experience in large event meeting planning to help ensure the success of each event.

BUG is one of the most active and nationally recognized Pro-Engineer users group mostly due to our more than 1000 members who take an active role in supporting the group and the countless hours that our board members spend in planning for successful events. Join us on our LinkedIn group as well.

As the owner of C2r Product Development Group which is an innovative product development consultancy providing end to end services I have more than 20 years of industry experience in bringing relevant products to market. More than half of the years have been focused on helping companies to realize innovative design and the potential for reducing development costs at every step in the process.

LPD offers a great blend of product styling through engineering all with a focus on providing overall value for our clients. We achieve this by always performing at a high level and delivering designs that not only look great, but can also be easily manufactured at the best possible cost. This maximizes our clients ability to meet their goals and bottom line profitability. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.